Research Makes Lottery Case for EquiLottery

Wednesday November 11, 2015

Lotteries across North America need to feel confident any new game will ensure great returns for the good causes they support. So, over the summer of 2015, we went into the field with our research partners Ipsos to measure the appeal of our lottery game based on the results of live horse racing. And judging from the returns, we’re sure glad we did.

A comprehensive qualitative (focus groups) and quantitative (polling) study of nearly 2,000 Kentuckians shows the immense possibilities when these two products are combined by speaking to the demands of consumers in the 21st Century.

You can see the results of this study by clicking here for a PDF report or click here for a video of EquiLottery founder and CEO Brad Cummings’ presentation of this data at the PGRI Lottery Expo in Miami Beach earlier this month.

And for your convenience, we’ve also narrowed the research down to five key takeaways.

Five Key Takeaways

  1. Widespread Appeal – EquiLottery is a game that appeals to all demographics equally, creating no niche and therefore a widespread appeal game. Whether you are 20 or 70 years old, male or female, or from horse rich Central Kentucky or the Eastern and Western parts of the state with little or no horse culture at all, your propensity to play our game is statistically the same.

  2. Revenues – Largely due to this widespread appeal, the revenue projections of this game are very strong. At a minimum of 10% awareness, this game produces an $18m return (8 cents per capita). Building a very feasible 15% market awareness for this game, EquiLottery projects to produce nearly $27m (12 cents PC) in first-year revenues and at 20% awareness nearly $36m (16 cents PC). These ranges are based on the effectiveness of the marketing campaign built around EquiLottery’s launch into the marketplace.

  3. Stickiness – Players who want to play EquiLottery will play often. A resounding 48% of players would play our game weekly with 34% buying tickets on a monthly basis. Also, the average Kentuckian would purchase 2.2 tickets every time they played.

  4. Mobile App Appeals to Non-Traditional Player Segments – Our study shows that 25% of those polled who do not currently play the lottery (and are not morally opposed) will start because our live action lottery product and its mobile app is in the marketplace. That’s higher than what Ipsos has seen compared to other games they have tested, making EquiLottery well positioned to expand the lottery base. And while Millennials scored the same as other groups on appeal and spend scores (which is significant in itself), they gave high marks on several key reasons for liking the game, most importantly the mobile integration of this lottery product.

  5. 2 Minute Live Action Excitement – At the core of EquiLottery is the excitement of live horse racing repackaged for the demands of the 21st Century. Through this game, people are able to easily fit a 2 minute horse race into their daily lives rather than a full 5 hour race day, especially when conveniently transmitted through a mobile app or website. This was considered a huge plus by those who were drawn to playing EquiLottery.

For more information, please contact Brad Cummings at (502) 644-1454 or

Bradford (Brad) Cummings

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