Cummings: Is EquiLottery the Lottery’s Answer to Daily Fantasy Sports?

Monday November 28, 2016

At a recent lottery conference in Miami Beach, EquiLottery Founder & CEO Brad Cummings made a compelling case for his lottery game based on the results of live horse racing as the lottery’s answer to the appeals of Daily Fantasy Sports (or DFS). “You’d have to be purposely oblivious at this point to have not noticed the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports and its impact on the gaming industry,” said Cummings. “So what pieces of the DFS narrative can we as a lottery industry build upon? What are the opportunities for lottery?”

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Of course, it’s a popular refrain that games based on live sporting events only appeal to those who like games of skill. Cummings differs, “But why is that (sports gaming is assumed a game of skill)? Is it because of the reams of research testing the appeal of sports gaming by games of chance players? Or is it more likely the fallacies of unchecked conventional wisdom? I would humbly suggest it is the latter.”

Additionally, lotteries are always using sporting events and sports teams as appeals for instant tickets and second chance prizes so there’s no doubt lottery players love sports. And so as this new form of gaming continues its growth, how can state and provincial lotteries capitalize on the trend of DFS while attracting new players including the elusive millennial crowd? What similarities do lotteries and Daily Fantasy Sports share?

“When lottery is at its best, it’s also a simple form of gaming explainable to consumers in less than one minute,” said Cummings. “Lottery can be boosted by mobile app integration and there are many current examples of this with most lotteries having some way to engage their players through mobile devices. And of course, lotteries, specifically draw games, are based on the outcome of an unpredictable event.”

With all of these similarities in mind, it becomes easier to see how lottery can share appeals with Daily Fantasy Sports. And yet, could there be ways lottery can create experiences and benefit society that DFS can’t or won’t?

“Unlike DFS, lottery is an enhancement to the local small and large businesses who make our branding and distribution models possible,” said Cummings. “Lottery also gives players an equal chance to win, avoiding the inequities of the marketplace created by DFS whales. These are things Daily Fantasy Sports can’t be. And best of all, lottery is a vehicle for social good, funding great causes such as education, senior benefits and environmental concerns. This is something Daily Fantasy Sports won’t be. In all of these measures, lottery can meet or exceed the value of Daily Fantasy to players, the business ecosystem and society as a whole.”

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