, Paulick Report, TDN, ABR among publications featuring EquiLottery on day one

Sunday November 8, 2015

Part of any successful launch includes good coverage from interested media members. That’s why we were very pleased to see articles from four major news sources in the racing industry as we unveiled EquiLottery: The Greatest Two Dollars in Sports to world’s stage.

The Blood-Horse, a leading voice in the Thoroughbred industry for decades, featured EquiLottery in yesterday’s online edition and will continue this coverage in their print magazine on newsstands next week. Tom LaMarra did an excellent job of explaining the path forward for EquiLottery and introducing this exciting new game to their readers.

“We see it as an opportunity to (create) greater payouts,” EquiLottery President & CEO Cummings said, noting the game wouldn’t cannibalize existing pari-mutuel pools. “Lottery players would create quite an interesting dynamic. We’re very excited about the possibilities for the industry. We’re very supportive of any ways to bring revenue to the racing industry.”

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America’s Best Racing, also known as ABR, introduced the game to its legion of racing fans, many who are new to the sport of horse racing. This hit our target demographic of novice fans and really made the case for why EquiLottery is the perfect vehicle for fan growth.

“When I helped co-create [online news source] Paulick Report, I literally didn’t know what a furlong was,” Cummings said. “So as you can imagine, my learning curve was quite steep. Had I not been forced to learn the nuances of the game, I’m not confident I would have and I’m not alone. EquiLottery creates a simplified, easy-to-understand way to play the races for the novice player. It also increases the exposure of the sport. Imagine a horse racing display at the hundreds of thousands of lottery terminals around the country.”

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The Paulick Report and Thoroughbred Daily News weighed in by running our press release to educate industry stakeholders, horseplayers and fans on the game mechanics and how it can really serve the racing game as a whole. Be sure to check out the comment section on Paulick Report where Cummings talked with readers about the benefits of EquiLottery.

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